Why can’t I see my charging sessions in EVA?

Sometimes, your individual charging sessions do not completely reach the EVA platform. A variety of reasons are possible. For example, the charger was temporarily offline or the Smart Cable was de-energised too quickly after a charging session.

I’m counting on being reimbursed… now what?

We do not take individual charging sessions into account in order to better ensure the accuracy of your reimbursement. The total power consumed each month is the basis used for your reimbursement. The internal kWh counter of the charge point measures the total power. This is why charging sessions are not shown on the detailed document you receive each month. It only shows total consumption and the calculation of the amount paid into your account.

Note! So, you may see fewer charging sessions in your portal than were reimbursed. We are working hard to correct this and prevent this in the future.

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