My charging cable (often) gets stuck in the charger

A charging cable stuck in the charger may cause some alarm! Don’t worry, you can usually fix this easily. In most cases, a stuck charging cable occurs when the cable is not inserted far enough into the charge point. This stops the lock of the connector* from properly snapping into place. So, it malfunctions and this prevents it from releasing. Always follow these steps first:

  • Push the charging cable into the connector as far as it will go. When you insert the cable further, you should hear a click. This means the charger has properly ‘locked’ the charging cable in place. Only now can the cable be unlocked.
  • Hold your charge card in front of the reader again. You can now end your charging session properly and remove the charging cable.
  • Remove the charging cable from the charger

That did not work? Please contact Customer Service. An employee can remotely release the lock provided the charging cable is fully connected.

* Connector = the charger ‘socket’

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