I charge through my HOA, what rate do I pay for charging at home?

Blink Charging provides the energy for the charging stations within your Home owners association (HOA). You pay for this through your charge card. For each charging session you do, a variable rate per kWh (kilowatt hour) is charged. This tariff consists of the average electricity price in Belgium, as published by CREG, plus a fixed service fee of 0.055€ incl. VAT for HOA Light and 0.175€ for the HOA Full Model.

There are no monthly or annual fixed costs for managing your charge point. All services are included in the tariff. Very convenient!


Attention! We always apply the rate published for the month, two months before the charging period. In other words, for April charging sessions, the average rate of February is applied. These charging sessions are billed in May. We do this because CREG regularly publishes with delays and we would like to provide consistency.

If you use a charge card of another provider, it is possible that they charge extra.


Below is a table with the rates we have applied this year.

 Charging Period  HOA Light   HOA Full 
April 0,3715 0,4915
May 0,3461 0,4661

All prices include VAT.


The publications of the CREG can be found here. The table ‘residential DC 8000kWh – digital counter with EV’  is used as a reference for charging prices.

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