At what rate am I reimbursed for home charging?

Your employer may have opted for a fixed amount per month (in this case, you should ask your employer😊). However, most employers opt for our CREG formula. We always look at the average electricity price in Belgium published by the Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas, or CREG.

Note! We always use the rate published for the month two months before the charging period. In other words, we use the average February rate for the April charging sessions. These charging sessions will be reimbursed in May. We do this because CREG regularly publishes with a delay and we prefer providing consistency.


Below you’ll find an overview of all tariffs we’ve utilized this year


Tariffs (p/kWh, incl. VAT)
Charging period: Dec-23 0,340
Charging period: Jan-24 0,340
Charging period: Feb-24 0,0,3361


The publications of the CREG can be found here. In agreement with EV Belgium, the representative federation for EV charging in Belgium, it has been decided in the sector to use the table ‘residential DC 8000kWh – digital counter with EV’ as a reference for reimbursements. If a different (fixed) amount is agreed between the employer and the employee, this will be explicitly mentioned when requesting this service.

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