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We will send the customer a remote survey, where we will gather details of their home in order to make a proper quotation. The customer can expect an invite for a remote survey within 3 working days. When we receive the information, we will review it and contact the customer within two weeks.


What can the customer expect after the quote request?

Within a maximum of 3 working days the customer will recieve an invite via e-mail to complete a remote survey. In this survey the customeris asked to answer a few questions in regards to their home situation, including submitting some photo’s. This information allows us to estimate what is needed for a complete installation

How long after the remote survey can the customer expect a quotation?

We will reach out to the customer within two weeks after we’ve received the completed survey. In most cases the results from the remote survey will give us enough information to provide a quotation. In some cases, we might need additional information and plan a site survey.

What is a site survey?

When the information provided in the remote survey isn’t enough for this particular situation, we will plan a site survey. This means that a technician will visit the installation site in order to create a report that our team can analyse to enable them to make detailed quotation. This is generally needed when the installation requires extra groundwork, additional external equipment or other additional work. This, of course, will be discussed with the customer.

How long does the full installation process take?

Assuming there is no need for a site survey, it will take in between two and three months between the initial request and the installation. If there’s need for a site survey, this will add a few weeks to the process.

What if the remote survey doesn't provide enough information?

If, after reviewing the remote survey, Blink needs more information, they will contact the customer to schedule a site survey. This means that a technician will visit the site of the installation beforehand and write a report for Blink to make a quotation.