User roles: Explained

On EVA, user roles have been divided into 2 categories:


1. Fleet managers / Administrators
All users who have permission to set-up, edit and manage other users (drivers) in their organisation. They are allowed to make financial decisions (ex: reimbursement, charging prices, etc)  and set up charging cards and chargers accordingly. 

Types of Blink clients that will get the ‘Fleet Manager / Administrator’ user role:

  • Business Client (Manager / HR officers)
  • Fleet Manager 
  • Fleet Manager (leasing)
  • Private user


2. Drivers / Users
These users can set-up and monitor their consumption.  They can also add new chargers but cannot make financial decisions. Their financial settings (ex: reimbursement, charging prices, etc) are set up and managed by the fleet manager or administrators above them in their organisation.

Type of Blink clients that will get the ‘Driver / User’ role:

  • Employees