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User roles: Explained

On EVA, user roles have been divided into 2 categories:   1. Fleet managers / Administrators All users who have permission to set-up, edit and manage other users (drivers) in their organisation. They are allowed to make financial decisions (ex: reimbursement, charging prices, etc)  and set up charging cards and chargers accordingly.  Types of Blink […]

Setting up an account

Your user role will define how your account will be set up.   All Fleet Managers / Administrators will create their accounts themselves or will be sent an invitation email by Blink.     Drivers/Users will receive an invitation email to EVA. This invitation is managed by the Fleet Manager above them.    Setting an account […]

About Smart Charging

What is Smart Charging? If you have several chargers and/or charging systems, the power you need can be considerable. To keep this within limits, you can use Smart Charging through Blink. In short, we ensure that you make optimal use of a limited total capacity to charge your electric vehicles, without ever exceeding that total […]

Charging on the go, how does it work?

Where can I find public charging stations? Public chargers are currently being installed all over Europe. Several navigation systems have already recorded the locations. You can also consult all public charging stations in your client platform, EVA. There are also websites and apps available to help you find a charger in your area. A few […]

What is the difference between single-phase and three-phase chargers?

Single-phase - 3.7kW or 7.4kW: A single-phase charger uses a standard 230V connection and has 16A or 32A current per socket. The maximum charging power per socket is then 7.4kW (16A gives you 3.7kW). Such a single-phase connection is the minimum everyone has, so you certainly have one too! 3-Phase - 11kW or 22kW: A [...]

How to use the map

The map shows all charging points in the BeNeLux.  Navigation Use the search bar in the top left corner to navigate to an address quickly. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons in the right bottom corner to zoom.  Use your mouse wheel when on a desktop, or pinch your fingers on a mobile device. Chargers [...]

The consumption graph

The consumption graph, found at the bottom of the Dashboard tab, provides a graphical overview of overall consumption per month.  On the top right hand side of the section, you will find dynamic filters. Click on the calendar icon in the top right corner to change the date.  Dynamic filters are available for: Consumption data: […]