Is it safe to charge my electric vehicle?

Thanks to the compulsory sequence of actions, most risks when charging are excluded. When you charge on the road, the power is only put on the plug when both sides (car and charger) are connected and when the plug is locked in the charger. This also applies when you charge at home or in the office. Does your own charger have a cable and no socket? Then charging only starts when the ‘handshake’ (the communication between car and charger) indicates that everything is OK – this also includes checking whether the plug is properly inserted in the car.

Stealing power is not possible, as you use your charging card to lock the socket. If someone were to pull the plug out of your car while charging, the whole process stops. You can only restart charging or remove the charging cable from the post if you hold your charging card in front of the card reader again. However, people can trip over the charging cable, so be smart about laying it down!