How to use the map

The map shows all charging points in the BeNeLux. 


  • Use the search bar in the top left corner to navigate to an address quickly.
  • Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons in the right bottom corner to zoom.  Use your mouse wheel when on a desktop, or pinch your fingers on a mobile device.
  • Chargers will appear in different states:
    • A blue charging icon means that the charger is currently occupied and the connectors are not available
    • A green charging icon means that one or more connector(s) is currently available
    • A circle with a number means there are multiple connector available

Charger information panel

Clicking on a charging icon will open the chargers’ information panel. You can consult:

  • Charger address
  • Pricing information:
    • Click on the (!) icon to consult specific supplements or fees 
    • Can’t see pricing information on some chargers? 
      • Some prices are still TBA
  • Charger capacity in kw 
  • Available slots

Map Legend