How do I charge my car at a public charging station?

Access control! The charging card

To gain access to a public charging station, you first of all need an access control device. Despite the fact that Smartphone apps are on the rise, the RFID card – the so-called charging card – is still the most commonly used means of access. You can request one for free from Blink Charging.

How does charging work?

In order to make use of your electric (hybrid) car, you need to supply the battery of your car with power. This process is explained in the following clear steps:

  1. Park your car near a charging station.
  2. You can see the status of the charging station by the LED lights on the charging station. When the lights turn green, the charging station is available and ready for use.
    If the LEDs turn red, there is a fault in the charging station. In the event of a fault with a Blink charging station, you can always contact our customer service team: +32 (0)78 48 10 77, or e-mail If the charging station is operated by another party, follow the instructions on the sticker to contact the operator.
  3. To charge your electric vehicle, connect your electric vehicle to the charging station using the dedicated charging cable.
  4. The charging cable has a male end. This end is attached to the charging station. The other end of the charging cable has a female end. This part is attached to the electric car.
  5. After you have correctly connected your car to the charging station, hold your charging card in front of the indicated place (the RFID reader) on the charging station.
  6. The LED lights will then change to a blue colour. This means that your car is being charged. Always check this in the car before you walk away.
  7. After you have started the charging transaction with your card, the charging cable is locked and you cannot detach it. This is to secure your charging session.
  8. When the battery of your car is fully charged, the LED lights turn light blue. The charging station automatically stops charging your battery. The charging cable remains locked between your car and the charging station until you end the charging session as described in the next step.
  9. To end your charging session, hold your charging card in front of the indicated place (the RFID reader) on the charging station. The LED lights change to the green colour.
  10. When the green colour appears, the charging cable is automatically unlocked. You can then safely disconnect the charging cable between your car and the charging station.
    Your charging transaction is now completed.