Charging on the go, how does it work?

Where can I find public charging stations?

Public chargers are currently being installed all over Europe. Several navigation systems have already recorded the locations. You can also consult all public charging stations in your client platform, EVA. There are also websites and apps available to help you find a charger in your area. A few frequently used examples are, 

Can I charge everywhere?

Blink has an agreement in the Benelux with virtually all parties that operate public chargers and participate in so-called interoperability. Beyond our borders, we are still working hard on the establishment of these roaming agreements. As a customer, you can always consult our customer portal (see tab: Map / Locations)  – there you will find an overview of all the chargers throughout Europe to which you have access with our charging card or app.

Can I apply for a public charge point in my city or town?

This differs per municipality. Not all municipalities have yet drawn up a policy for supporting residents in obtaining charging infrastructure for their electric cars. There are, however, a number of common rules that many municipalities check.

These are the conditions for requesting a charger:

  • You can request the installation of a charger if you own an electric car.
  • Your request will only be taken into consideration if you are unable to install a charger on your own property.
  • The request for the placement of a charger must relate to a freely accessible public area; areas that are obstructed by gates, barriers, fences and the like are excluded.
  • The municipality owns the land and is therefore always the final decision maker on the location of a charger.
  • A charger can only be requested once for an electric car, regardless of whether ownership of that car passes to another owner.
  • The driver has no exclusive rights to the use of a public charger.
  • Some cities or municipalities also offer other possibilities for requesting a public charger. Check with your city or municipality.
  • Blink works together with the City of Antwerp for the placement of public charger.