Applying for a public charger

Can I apply for a public charge point in my city or town?

This differs per municipality. Not all municipalities have yet drawn up a policy for supporting residents in obtaining charging infrastructure for their electric cars. There are, however, a number of common rules that many municipalities check.

These are the conditions for requesting a charger:

  • You can request the installation of a charger if you own an electric car.
  • Your request will only be taken into consideration if you are unable to install a charger on your own property.
  • The request for the placement of a charger must relate to a freely accessible public area; areas that are obstructed by gates, barriers, fences and the like are excluded.
  • The municipality owns the land and is therefore always the final decision maker on the location of a charger.
  • A charger can only be requested once for an electric car, regardless of whether ownership of that car passes to another owner.
  • The driver has no exclusive rights to the use of a public charger.
  • Some cities or municipalities also offer other possibilities for requesting a public charger. Check with your city or municipality.
  • Blink works together with the City of Antwerp for the placement of public charger.